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Monday, July 20, 2015

* UPDATED JULY 23, 2015 *

SiMart - Part III


- 19 New Meshes

 - Bun Warmer (Functions as Deco)
 - Burrito Roller (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Cigarette Display (Functions as Wall Lamp)
 - Condiments (Functions as Deco)
 - Food Warmer (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Hamburger Warmer (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Hot Dog Roller (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Lottery Table (Functions as Table)
 - Lottery Ticket Display ( Functions as Deco)
- Lottery Ticket Forms (Functions as Deco)
 - Lottery Ticket Stand (Functions as Deco)
 - Lottery Ticket Machine (Functions as Deco)
 - Pizza Box (Functions as Deco)
 - Pizza Warmer (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Red Box Stand (Functions as Floor Lamp)
 - Slushie Machine (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Smoothie Machine (Functions as Deco)
 - Soda Machine (Functions as Table Lamp)
 - Cooler (Functions as Refridgerator)
 - Cooler Lamp (Functions as Table Lamp)

* See Notes *

*  Recolorable
*  Basegame Compatible

Note:  This set is not exactly low poly - many pieces are on the higher side
due to detail - I happen to like detail.  So use sparingly.  The highest poly
items are the Lottery Tickets, Pizza Warmer, and Food Warmer.

Cooler Notes:  Functions as a fridge, will have the same menu options.
The animation is a bit off when getting something to eat however.  The fridge
was designed in an effort to offer a "faux" shelf - you will require cheats to place objects inside.
The same goes for the Cooler Lamp, it sinks into the floor and will require cheats to place at the top
of the cooler.


bb.moveobjects on (0-9 to move up and down)

Alt to move off grid

Other SiMart Objects available:

SiMart Shelves
SiMart Counters
SiMart Counters Part II

Available Through this blog

 * Download File contains Text File of Policy, Games Installed, Programs used to create, etc.

Created by request of SimDoughnut at Tumblr

UPDATE July 23, 2015:  The Cooler's shelves were a bit off when using MOO, I've adjusted them as best as I could to allow for objects to sit correctly.  The Original Download Link has the updated file, however if you only want the updated cooler you can download that here:

   DOWNLOAD Updated Cooler HERE

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shelf Life


- Pantry Items
- 57 New Meshes
- Basegame Compatible
- Recolorable (See Note)

This set is designed for Recolorists!
The ShelfLifeRC download contains maps and color maps,
each mesh texture is in colors to match the color maps.

If you wish to have the already textured set,
download the ShelfLife file.

Or download both.

 * Download File contains Text File of Policy, Games Installed, Programs used to create, etc.

Created by request of SimDoughnut at Tumblr


Sunday, July 5, 2015


- Wall Torch Holder
 - Wall Torch Flame
 - Stakes (6)

*  Stakes found under Sculptures for $5 each
*  Wall Torch Holder found under Wall Lights for $10
*  Wall Torch Flame found under Table Lights for $3

**  You may require the Holiday Celebration Pack (Free through Origin) 

in order for the torch "flame" to work.

 - Recolorable


 - The Torch is based on meshes from Plasticbox at MTS,
    the flame has been adjusted to use the tuning of the Campfire.
-  The Torch has the function of "Light", "Extinguish", "Put in Inventory".
-  The Torch will go out by itself after a period of time just as the Campfire does.
-  The Sim animation does not match up with the height of the flame, if you are expecting
    perfection with the animation it won't happen here.
 -  To create the torch - place the Torch Holder then place the Torch Flame on the top
     of the wooded torch (like a shelf).

 - Stakes are Basegame Compatible.

Created for SimDougnuts by Request