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If you're searching for my BPS creations prior to the end of February 2015, you'll find a link to my Tinkle BPS Archives under "Favorites" to the left of this page. All files that were originally posted at BPS are in my archives; they contain RAR files that include images, information, file(s). Any links that were at one time provided in the BPS threads are not included but the site names/file names/creator names should be in most of the information copied from the threads.

DO NOT ask me for original meshes of any creators whose work I may have recolored - I most likely no longer have the files as my hubby deleted a pretty large folder from my back up drive despite the claims that he didn't. There are plenty of sites within the Sims Community that offer great WCIF sections and Simmers willing to assist!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tinkle's BPS Archive


If you are looking for any of my past recolors or meshes that were originally posted/released at Black Pearl Sims PRIOR to the end of February 2015 you will find them here.  However any sets that may have been released after February 2015 will be found here at Tumblr, my Blogspot, and Sim Pearls .  I will try to post the same sets at all three, however I may not dependent on what the set is.

All BPS sets are saved in my archive and you will find them at my Blogspot.
At the far left of the blog under “Favorites” you will find “Tinkle’s Archives”
This will take you to a Mediafire archive folder that contains multiple folders that are clearly labeled.

Files are listed under each game version folder.  There is a “Mesh”, a “Recolor” and a “Miscellaneous” folder for Sims 2 as I have been creating for that game a lot longer.
Dependent upon how old the set is most will start with S2 (Sims 2), S3 (Sims 3), or S4 (Sims 4).  If the set is from back when I first started creating it will not be designated with the game version at the beginning of the file name.

All RAR files should be listed with the set name after the game version.  The only exception to this may be from when I first started creating.  In additional all my files should have Tink or Tinkle in the file name within the sets and this also includes the game version - unless of course it’s an extremely old file.

The RAR Files contain a folder with all the information that was in the original post found at BPS and will include an image, however it does not contain any links to items used for the set, the image, etc.

If a fellow creator whose work I used allowed for the sharing of their “Mesh” in most instances it is included in my RAR file.
Please make sure to read the top of my Blogspot page for information in regards to other creator’s files.

Please feel free to contact me in regards to finding a specific set if you are unable to find it, unsure of the name, etc.  Keep in mind I have A LOT of files…even I forget I what I’ve created!

**NOTE (08/04/15)**

 Apparently some of the files were missing from the “archive” for my Sims 3 sets - I am fixing this as I type, so check back.

If anything is missing please contact me and I’ll do some checking, I have so many files that I may have some how missed something as it took me three weeks to gather all the info to place in this archive - after a while it was tedious and boring so I may have zoned out and not noticed.

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