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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Images Courtesy of Simdougnut

Vintage Death

- 9 New Meshes

   - Carriage Hearse found under Sculptures $1150 each
  - Carriage Horses found under Sculptures for $750
 to place in front of the Carriage Hearse  use MOO
   - Single Carriage Horse 1 & 2 found under Sculptures for $375 each
   - Carriage Coffin 1 through 4 found under Miscellaneous Deco for $225
   - Carriage Candle  (Requires Outdoor Retreat)

* Note -  This is a relatively high poly set!

* The carriage is extremely high, however the footprint was adjusted to a larger size,
   so as far as I know it should offset the polys over the footprint.
*  Use MOO to move carriage horses into place on Hearse
*  Hearse has slots to place objects in the back as well as to place the candles in the light fixture
   -  I would suggest lighting the candles prior to placing in the light fixtures if you have no other lights and wish to turn them on manually

Additional Note:  Parts of the hearse were from the an original mesh by hexemeter at MTS.
The Carriage horses are part of a mesh from hexemeter as well and were originally
from Dragyonslayer.  All were modified for this set.

*  Recolorable
*  Basegame Compatible
  with the exception of the Carriage Candle,
this mesh requires Outdoor Retreat

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