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Sunday, June 19, 2016

  So...the daughter had her wisdom teeth removed earlier this week, hubby had his removed at the end of the week.  Let's just say I'm about ready to push them out the door and lock it tight.  I should be cleaning but it's too hot and the family are giving me a headache.  So I tried to veg out in front the computer - which of course led to a little bit of meshing.

The Drive-In

Drive-In diners of the past...who doesn't love them?
These days we have Sonic, or if you're lucky enough to live out in the hicks you might find an A&W.


- Drive-In Sign

- Drive-In Menu

*  Basegame Compatible
* Recolorable

* Sign found under Outdoor Lamps
* Menu found under Floor Lamps
* Both function as lights



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  1. sale en sims 4 "error llamada de scrip" que puedo hacer? Gracias