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Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's gone...

I haven't been creating because I've lost the mojo.  I haven't found any inspiration for something new, in fact I haven't even found the mojo to complete a couple of sets for other game versions.  It's just gone.

I'm not quite sure where the mojo went, I'm having trouble finding inspiration.  I'm not sure if it's because it's hotter than hades here in AZ, the kids are home for the summer and driving me insane, I have too many projects going on in life...

I'd really like to have the mojo back, I am missing the creation process, however lately it doesn't satisfy me.  Too much snark within the community, too many "creators" that are just converting and half of which don't even credit the original creators, as soon as I have a project idea another has already posted something similar.  I guess my frustration is not helping the situation at all.

I just need that little bit of inspiration, that inspiration that tugs at my creative side, something that hasn't been done yet, something I know no other will be working on because of course I am known for the unique and unusual...

I guess I'll go back to searching for inspiration while my daughter continues to sleep...once she wakes I should go and try to finish painting her room and scratch that off my list.


  1. Okay - try this again, since blogspot kicked me out! I get the heat bit, since were' in Tucson, AZ. If I could create, I'd do matching kitchen appliances (which Maxis seems not to do), and matching cabinets, counters, chairs, & tables. Hope your mojo returns, since I do the updates for Saving the Sims and I always look for yours! Ginnie

  2. Thanks Ginnie! I hope you are cooler in Tucson than it here in the East Valley! I'm off to search for inspiration, hoping it hits me soon!

  3. I do believe it was 109 here today!

  4. 114 here today! I'm over the heat and we still have another 4 months!

  5. Hi Tami..I know just how you feel. My mojo seems to be missing too. I haven't even thought about creating for at least a week and a half. The last upload I posted on my site, I created months ago and only just uploaded it so my fans would have something new. Don't know what the problem is...

    Ray :)

  6. Hi Ray! I hope your mojo appears soon! I'm trying to work a set, well sort of anyway...it's not holding my attention at all. UGH! I haven't found anything inspiring either, if I did perhaps it would kick start the mojo.